Badru Temitayo

The African Art Hub is dedicated to nurturing and promoting the diverse talents of African artists on the global stage. Through its innovative programs and initiatives, it aims to create opportunities for artists to thrive and express their creativity. 


Esblank, renowned for its state-of-the-art residency program situated amidst the stunning landscapes of Mallorca, provides artists with an unparalleled environment for artistic exploration and development. With its commitment to fostering creativity and cultural exchange, Esblank offers a platform for artists to immerse themselves in their practice and engage with a supportive community of fellow creatives.

Badru Temitayo

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Esblank to send Bradu Temitayo and James Adebayo to their esteemed residency program in Mallorca," said Abraham Abia, Director of The African Art Hub. "This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to provide meaningful opportunities for our artists to grow and flourish."


Bradu Temitayo and James Adebayo, both accomplished artists within The African Art Hub community, are poised to benefit significantly from their residency experience in Mallorca. The program offers a tailored and enriching environment that will enable them to develop their artistic practice further and expand their creative horizons.

James Adebayo

"We are excited to welcome Bradu Temitayo and James Adebayo to our residency program in Mallorca," said Sara G. Arjona, Founder & CEO of Esblank. "We believe their unique perspectives and talents will contribute immensely to the vibrant creative community we have cultivated here".


The collaboration between The African Art Hub and Esblank represents a significant opportunity for cultural exchange and collaboration within the global art community. It is a testament to the commitment of both organizations to support and empower artists in their artistic journey.

James Adebayo

The African Art Hub looks forward to a successful collaboration with Esblank, one that not only benefits the artists it represents but also contributes to their growth and development as creators.



For more information about The African Art Hub and its initiatives, please visit TAAH

For more information about Esblank and its residency program, please visit Esblank



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