The African Art Hub (TAAH) is a visionary UK-based e-gallery and platform dedicated to championing contemporary African art. TAAH curates a captivating journey that enchants artists and collectors alike, leaving a lasting impression on the global art landscape. Through collaborations with renowned curators and esteemed galleries,


TAAH actively participates in prestigious art fairs and stages exhibitions that showcase the outstanding works of contemporary African artists.



TAAH celebrates the exceptional talent of artists from Africa and the diaspora, highlighting the transformative power of African art and its rich narratives that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. African artistry has historically influenced global artistic movements, and its universal appeal is now receiving unprecedented attention and admiration. 



By promoting these diverse narratives, TAAH honors this enduring legacy and fosters a deeper appreciation for African art’s significant role in world history, resonating profoundly with contemporary audiences and enriching the global artistic discourse.

TAAH Community

TAAH creates an environment that is conducive to form and sustain synergies and allow room for growth and collaborations to form.

As part of the TAAH Community, there will be a series of events and activities enabling the selected artists to:

Periodic Crit Sessions 
Our artists gain insights and opinion on their work and practice from invited contemporary artists/curators/art writers and fellow artists of the TAAH Community.
Artists in the roster are encouraged to take up research and write about their practice or areas of enquiry with assistance from our in-house curator.
Some of the written content is documented and published on the TAAH website/blog allowing for more readership and presentations are also held.

On a bi-annual basis, artists are given the chance to present their works to fellow artists in the community through videos, photographic documentation, lecture
demonstrations, or illustrated slideshow presentations dependent on the availability of time and resources.

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