TAAH's Debut at 1:54 Art Fair in London


London, October - TAAH is delighted to announce its debut participation in the renowned 1:54 Art Fair in London this October. As part of this prestigious event, TAAH will present a captivating group show featuring the exceptional talents of Theresah Ankomah, Ibrahim Bamidele, and Frederick Botchway. These artists delve into thought-provoking themes such as personal identity, societal discourses, transnational trade, politics, religion, and intimate reflections on life, offering a unique perspective on contemporary African art.


1:54 Art Fair, held annually in London during the October Frieze Week since 2013, has established itself as a global platform to promote contemporary African art. It has become the foremost fair dedicated to this genre in the primary art market. The fair's three editions per year in London, New York, and Marrakech, along with a pop-up fair in Paris, foster a community of diverse perspectives, including evolving interpretations of the diasporic experience. With leading international galleries specializing in contemporary African art, 1:54 provides a dynamic and vibrant platform for artistic exchange.

Ibrahim Bamidele, 'Unfeign Love'

In this edition of the fair, TAAH's artists will unveil new collections that engage in a continuous discourse, sparking playful and significant dialogues. Theresah Ankomah's works examine the intricacies of "weaving" through the lens of craft and trade, exploring how underlying issues of geopolitics, gender, and capitalism resonate in the everyday usage of materials and objects. Ibrahim Bamidele draws inspiration from his immediate environment and personal experiences, using a diverse palette of materials to create striking compositions that address political, religious, and societal themes

Fredrick Botchway, 'Our Trassacco Valley''

Frederick Botchway approaches his practice with an experimental and liberal attitude, meticulously exploring the iconography and materiality of oil paint. Through the incorporation of photography, cooking oil, and various editing techniques, he produces intriguing quasi-non-representational compositions.

Theresah Ankomah, 'Sakasaka'

At TAAH, the vision is to collaborate with other stakeholders in the art world and participate in reputable art fairs and exhibitions. Through these partnerships, TAAH aims to tap into a larger client pool, offering collectors the opportunity to discover remarkable artworks and invest in the full potential of African Art. The 1:54 Art Fair is just one of the many channels through which TAAH hopes to facilitate meaningful engagements between artists and collectors, fostering connections and building lasting relationships. TAAH provides exclusive access to extraordinary artworks, ensuring that clients embark on a captivating journey of discovery and investment.

Ibrahim Bamidele, 'Moses'

The participation of TAAH in the 1:54 Art Fair signifies the growing prominence and recognition of contemporary African art on the global stage. As the fair continues to evolve, it serves as a beacon of creativity, diversity, and innovation within the art world. Art enthusiasts and collectors attending the fair can look forward to experiencing the vibrancy and richness of African art, presented through the lens of these talented artists.


In conclusion, TAAH's debut at the 1:54 Art Fair in London promises to be a remarkable event, showcasing the artistic brilliance and thought-provoking themes that define contemporary African art today. As TAAH continues its mission to promote African art and foster meaningful connections, this participation marks an important milestone in the journey towards greater recognition and appreciation of the continent's diverse artistic talents. Art lovers and collectors are encouraged to seize this opportunity to engage with the captivating works on display and be part of the exciting world of contemporary African art.

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