La Mamounia, Marrakech

The 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair's Morocco edition has once again captivated art enthusiasts and connoisseurs, showcasing the rich body of African creativity and expression. Held at the prestigious Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech, this year's edition marked a significant milestone as it expanded its footprint to include DADA, a multidisciplinary art space undergoing renovation, for the first time.

At booth 16, TAAH (The African Art Hub) curated an exquisite exhibition by Project Manager and Curator, Pratiti Shah, which garnered widespread attention and admiration. Visitors were enthralled by the exceptional artworks, each representing the unique talents represented by TAAH.

Among the highlights of the fair was the spotlight on the works of Sheila Fuseini from Ghana and Gbemileke Adekunle from Nigeria. Their pieces encouraged viewers to explore the connections and contrasts between different approaches to painting, fostering a space for profound connection and  empathy with the artwork. The enthusiastic reception and engagement with TAAH's exhibition accentuates the increasing demand for diverse narratives and representations within the art world, further amplifying the importance and relevance of TAAH’s vision to promote emerging African Artists.

TAAH team with Vice Minister of Culture, Tourism and Craft Promotion of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, His Excellency Jerónimo Nsue Asumu Nchama and Her Excellency Mrs. Dorotea Anita Roca.

An exclusive honour for TAAH was the distinguished list of VIPs who graced the event, including the Vice Minister of Culture, Tourism and Craft Promotion of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, His Excellency Jerónimo Nsue Asumu Nchama, accompanied by his assistant, Dolindo Salvador Ndong Owono, and the Senator of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Her Excellency Mrs. Dorotea Anita Roca, among other distinguished guests. Their presence added a layer of prestige and importance to the event, elevating the discourse around contemporary art in Equatorial Guinea and Central Africa.

TAAH's collaboration with the Equatorial Guinea government will help forge partnerships to support and promote artistic talent in Equatorial Guinea and Africa.

The government dignitaries were particularly impressed by the TAAH booth exhibition and experienced the grandeur and sophistication of the entire art fair. This visit has forged a promising relationship between TAAH and the Equatorial, paving the way for fruitful collaborations to support artists in Equatorial Guinea through initiatives such as exhibitions and artist residencies. The collaboration triggers diplomacy, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding through initiatives such as exhibitions and artist residencies.

TAAH's participation in the 1-54 Marrakech art fair is just one component of its broader commitment to supporting emerging African artists and the diaspora through active engagement in various global fairs and events. At the heart of TAAH's mission lies a dedication to providing a platform for talented artists from Africa and its diaspora to showcase their work to a broader audience. Recognising these communities' immense potential and creativity, TAAH actively seeks opportunities to participate in art fairs, exhibitions, and cultural events across different regions. Through its active involvement in various fairs and events, TAAH strives to create a more inclusive, vibrant, and globally connected art community that celebrates the richness, complexity and diversity of African creativity.

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